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Things are tough right now and the fact that you have ended up here on my page means that you are looking for an honest way to pay all your bills without having to join the ranks of those just barely surviving every month.

For years there was always a sort of stigma about using coupons clipped from the weekly paper to earn discounts at the local grocer. It may have started becoming more acceptable out of necessity but nowadays the very same people who used to look down on the so called ‘coupon queens’ are trolling the internet and swiping the neighbors’ paper to get the best coupons available!

I come from a big family so things were never really easy and we all learned that each of us had to contribute in some way. My oldest brother had a paper route so he not only delivered the latest news but also collected the old papers that had been thrown away in case the coupons hadn’t been clipped yet As soon as I was old enough, I started babysitting kids in our neighborhood and both of my sisters started waitressing after school. My youngest brother has always enjoyed the outdoors so mowing lawns and clipping hedges was something he actually enjoyed doing. He enjoyed it so much that he actually owns a landscaping business now!

My family is a lot smaller and although we aren’t one of the rich folks, we are comfortable and knock on wood we have never been in a situation where we haven’t been able to pay our bills. And it’s partly because I never lost that habit of clipping and collecting coupons. I figure that if the local store didn’t want coupon queens frequenting their establishment then they wouldn’t be printing them in the local paper.

It’s not just about coupons though, there are a whole lot of normal everyday things a person can do to save money. We make our own popsicles at home and use the water from our bath to keep our yard green in summer, in winter we have mastered the art of keeping the house warm without using an exorbitant amount of heat.

So read on, share your own tips, comment on anything I’ve said and tell your friends about my blog.

Looking forward to chatting,

Patsy Luna

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