A lofty repair

The day started like almost every other day. School was out and I was bored, complaining that I wanted something to do yet not wanting to do anything that I could possibly imagine actually doing. I finally went outside in hopes of finding something more interesting to occupy my time. I opened the door and as I did, I noticed that all of the neighbors had their garage shutters  closed. It looked almost as if no one even lived in the subdivision except me. There were houses, but there was no activity. Every house was locked and nobody was around.
I decided to go back inside and called my best friend, figuring that two heads were better than one and even if we couldn’t find something interesting to do, we could create our own fun as long as we were together. As she approached my house, she mentioned that if I knew what was good for me, I would keep that loft was open. I didn’t understand what she was talking about and quickly dismissed it in hopes of continuing my quest to find something interesting for the day.
I guess I should’ve been careful what I wished for, because out of the blue came this huge flock of birds. I guess they decided that it would be more interesting to fly into the loft than stay in the sky where they belonged, because the entire flock went straight inside. This wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for when I said I wanted something interesting to do for the day. I found myself trying to shoo them out, all to no avail. Let’s just say that I spent the rest of my afternoon doing plenty of things to keep me busy, but none of them were really anything that I would consider being something that anyone with any level of sanity would want to do. When I finally got the birds shooed out of the loft, you better believe I closed that garage door. But not before I spent the next several hours cleaning everything inside the garage up, if you know I mean.

The good news is the damage was enough to do what I wanted to do – upgrade and convert my loft

Money in the Bank

Last week, I got off the bus and was walking the rest of the way to work. The bus did not stop near my place of work, so I had to trek the rest of the way by foot, which was about six or seven blocks. I was walking to work because my car needed new brakes and some other repairs, but I did not have the money at the time.

It was cold outside, so I decided to stop at the convenient store that I passed to get a cup of warm coffee. The line was fairly long and my eyes started to wander around the store and I noticed a sign about purchasing lottery tickets. I am not a big lottery player, but something was telling me to buy a card.

When I finally got to the head of the line, I purchased a cup of coffee and one of those scratch off lottery cards. I was feeling pretty silly when I walked out the door for buying a lottery card and thought to myself, whoever wins these things. Certainly not me or anyone I know.

I sat down at my desk at work and started scratching the card with a dime. I was amazed that my card was a winner. I actually won 2,000 pounds which was enough to get my car repaired and to put the rest away for the upcoming holidays.

This is not something that happens in every day life, and I have to say this made me feel fantastic and relieved. I honestly did not know where I would get the money to repair my car. I may start playing the lottery a little more often!

A Bathroom to Die for

Remodeling my  Bathroom was a very stressful process, but was very rewarding in the end. I previously had ceramic toilet and porcelain sink with what had become faded white tiles on the floor. After being fed up with the look of my bathroom for years, I finally decided to a full refurbishing and I am very happy with the results. My first step was finding new units to replace all of my old fixtures . Before I could even consider what brand I wanted I had to decide what color. It took a long time but I decided for a “modernized” look I would get all stainless steel.  These fixtures were  surprisingly very easy to install by myself and I was able to get them in quickly. After the fixtures, I decided to paint my bathroom beige. The color worked very well and painting only took one week.


Once I had that settled I realized there was still one problem left, the floor! It was hideous and to go along with the “modern” theme I went with hardwood flooring. Getting the floor off was just plain tedious; I used nothing but a small sledge hammer, a regular hammer, and a putty knife. It took me several weeks but once I got it all done I was incredibly proud. I then began my next mission of installing a hardwood floor. I already had a little bit of experience with this because I helped my father do this at my house when I was younger, but it was still difficult. Again, it took almost 3 months to complete this job and my knees were hurting bad. However, all that pain went away when I stood up and realized my kitchen was beautiful and I had done it all by myself. Okay, not really, my knees still stung but the amount of pride remodeling your kitchen by yourself brings isn’t measurable. I strongly suggest ignoring those commercials for flooring companies and I encourage you to create a DIY bathroom. It may seem like a lot of work, but in the long run you’ll be much happier when you do it yourself and save money by not paying for remodeling services.